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Glenmaulyn  Diamonds Delight - Tawny Abyssinian

Sire: Swift Star Struck (Blue Aby carrying sorrel)
Dam: Karingal Diamonds R Mine (Tawny Aby)

PK Def - Normal
PRA - Normal                     
Glenmaulyn Abyssinian & Somali Cats
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Our variants are strictly used in our Somali programs and abyssinian kittens bred from these cats will be sold as pets only, unless required for a somali program.  All variants will be marked on the Pedigree.  Also working with PK-Def to produce all Normal progeny.
Ph:  (08)9377 5077
Mobile:  0402 182 879
Hitaga Silva Jewel -  Black silver abyssinian

Sire: Hitaga Moon Shadow
Dam: Hitaga Smokey Lady

/PRA/PKDef - Normal                           
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GLENMAULYN BLU SILVER KISSES (Silvie)  (Blue silver somali)

Hitaga Moon Shadow
Glenmaulyn Hope Solo

/PRA/PKDef - Clear                        
Although Jewel has some rufousing, she has amazing type.  Her head type is lovely with great muscle tone to her body.

Many thanks to Jan Fuller of Hitaga Abyssinians for this lovely girl.
Jewel has a very sweet nature and enjoys company.  She is a super mum and has beautiful babies..

I have saved this space for my lovely silver abys from Lucy Nikiforos - I hope to carry on the silver abys but will also be an asset to my somali program.  Pictures soon of
Kimara Ataiga Diamond Cut (Black Silver Aby)
Kimara Ataiga Thumberlina (Fawn Silver Aby)
Kimara Ataiga Lovin Silky Blues (Blue Silver Aby)